"Devastatingly hip and brutally relevant." 
–Booklist (starred review)

"Andrew Blackwell takes eco-tourism into a whole new space. Visit Sunny Chernobyl is a darkly comic romp."
–Elizabeth Kolbert (author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe)

"We've got lessons to learn from disaster sites. Thankfully, Visit Sunny Chernobyl means we don't have to learn them first-hand. Cancel your holiday to Chernobyl:
Pick up this brilliant book!" 
–The Yes Men

A travel guide for the eco-apocalypse. An exploration of a nature-less world. A memoir of adventure and heartbreak. Holy men, oil men, radioactive boy scouts, and way too much vodka. Earth-shatteringly profound, head-smackingly foolish, Visit Sunny Chernobyl is a love letter to a polluted planet, and an impassioned argument for the future of environmentalism.